Lampone (Rubus idaeus)

Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) is a shrub characterized by perennial roots and biennial branches which are called sucker during the first year and fructiferous shoot during the following one.
On the ground of the kind of fruits we can distinguish monoproductive raspberry (during the first year it develope suckers which fructify during the following year) and blossoming again or biproductive raspberry (suckers blossom and fructify in the making year during late summer and autumn while during the following year they fructify in june-july).

Red Raspberry cultivation has an elevatet economic importance in a lot of west and east european countries.
As regards italian situation, after a clean drop in cultivated surfaces during the last ten years, we can see a new interest from farmers, above all as regard of variety and technical tricks, that consent an "out-of-season" harvest economically more remunerative.

Raspberry needs a ground with a lot of organic substance, with an optimal PH of 6 - 7.

lampone rosso unifero
lampone giallo