"Unusual Fruits" are mostly fruits in time past cultivated little more than in one's family, today they are subject of renewed interest.
They are almost disappeared after coming of specialistic fruit growing.
They have valuable characteristics whether out of their alimentary qualities or other reasons (pharmaceutical ones, ornamental ones, landscaped ecc.)
Other fruits recently introduced, that are cultivated as a hobby or in domestic fruit growing, are considered "Unusual Fruits"

GOUMI (Elaeagnus umbellatum)

Shrub or little tree very vigorous, it produces bright red berries very rich in vitamin C.
It becomes ripe very late (nov-dic) when leaves are fallen down yet.
It doesn't need particular treatments or manuring because it is a nitrogen-fixer plant.




Evergreen shrub very common in Mediterranean bush area.
It has a high ornamental value and its flowers and fruits grow simultaneously.
Its fruits are red-orange and they become ripe in late autumn.


CORNEL (Cornus mas)

Autochthonous kind, it seems to be a little tree, very attractive for its precocious blossoming (february).
Its fruits are vinous red drupes and they become ripe in summer.



AZAROLE HAWTHORN (Crataegus azzarolus)

Shrub that belongs to Rosaceae family, very country and adaptable.
Its fruits seem like little apples that have acidulous taste and variable colour from yellow to red.


SORB (Sorbus domestica)

Frugal and strong little tree, it grows up rather quickly.
Its fruit seems like a little pear with spongy pulp.



MULBERRY (Morus alba)

It is a tree that can get a medium size and it is rather long-lived.
Its fruit seems like a blackberry and it is very juicy, it can have variable colouring from white to black on the ground of varieties.


MEDLAR (Mespilus germanica)

Plant that belongs to Rosaceae family. It is a medium size tree. Its fruits become ripe in winter, after the harvest, laying down them on a layer of straw.

"...by time and by straw medlars become ripe..." [folk proverb]

nespolo giapponese


JAPANESE MEDLAR (Eriobotrya japonica)

Medium size tree with oriental origin.
It blossoms in winter and it produces bright orange fruits that become ripe during spring-summer time.


POMEGRANATE (Punica granatum)

This plant come from central Asia. Numerous are varieties of fruit-bearing plants and ornamental plant.
Pomegranate juice is called grenadine and it is used as a drink.
Its cultivation is not difficult because this plant is adaptable to several kinds of of soil and climates of Mediterranean areas.
However it suffers from long times of moisture.


PAW PAW (Asimina triloba)

It belongs to Annonacee family, of which belong a lot of tropical fruits.
It is adaptable to continental climates of our latitudes, it doesn't need specific cares and doesn't show any pathological adversity.
Its fruits become ripe in autumn, the pulp is buttery (it is also called "banana of the north") but it browns quickly.


ELDER (Sambucus nigra)

Tree of medium size (8-10 metres) that belongs to Caprifoliaceae family.
Fruits are black berries produced by large inflorescences called corymbs.
In past it was used in order to produce a low fermentation drink, the "wine of elder", today it is used in the preparation of juices and jellies, while the flowers sometimes are eaten in pancakes and omelettes.